As I shovel the bare apple chips in my mouth, I try not to think about the pizza that's calling me from the kitchen.  Emotional eating-it's what some, not all, but let's get real... most women do.  Anyway, I'm lamenting.  Woe is me.  I'm giving myself a really big pity party here folks.  Feel for me?

It's okay if you don't.  LOL!  But darn it I do.  I know this blog should be geared towards real estate, but real estate is only like 93% of my life.  The other "perfect" 7% is spent loving my family.  Now I'm going to have to take away from something for this party I'm having though.  Needless to say my blog is the least about real estate thus far (I try to use the word thus as often as I can-it makes me feel smart).

Obviously I'm a REALTOR® because im distracted by solving 10 issues at the same time.  The topic I'm dealing with this fine evening is the loyalty or uncaring nature of people and especially the ones we call our friends.

I've always been friends with everyone.  My parents raised me in Christian home and we we taught to love and care for all people equally, as Christ did.  Now listen, and hear me good, I'm not saying that if you are not a Christian that you cannot love or view people equally.  K, got it?

Pressing on...  I have always, I mean always tried to include everyone.  I was not and am still not always included to this day and it's hurtful.  I'm a bridge between cliques; a Kumbaya, hand holding, "let's all sit together" gal.  Yes sometimes the devil gets the best of me and I gossip or make ugly comments-but I try my hardest to be all-inclusive (like those real nice resorts in Mexico).

So, someone did something recently that hurt me.  I'm not sure why, but after writing this all out and taking a deep breath I just feel so much better...

Bwahahahaha!  Thank God for laughter.  Yes I'll move on but it's good to laugh at one self from time to time.  As I was researching a meme to post on Facebook, (oh I was going there) I found a little saying that brought me to tears... like sobbing tears.

    Having a daughter is God's way of saying,

    "Here, I thought you could use a lifelong friend."

I know that's cheesy, but really it's so true.  Ours is only 2.5 years old but I can tell we will be close.  ***heart eyes emoji***

You may be thinking, doesn't Natalie have a sister?  Well, I was not a good big sister growing up, that which I have some resounding guilt for...  I wasn't mean but we didn't act like sisters; it was after sister went to college that we start to bridge our own gap and become friends.

There is some truth to this whole becoming older and wiser.  Ha!

As I wrap this up, you know I like to have a little lesson at the end, take these simple words with you the rest of this week (some ideas I've stolen from my husband's sermon last Sunday)...

Be kind.  Be selfless.  Love one another.

Choose a good attitude in whatever you do.

What to L O V E about Waco

We love this #texastown because it's a little-big city. Jake and I both grew up in small Texas towns; of course I did most of my clothes shopping in Fort Worth/Dallas. Lol! But since we've moved here (2007-ish) I have plenty of lovely local shops to support.

Waco has so much to offer. Our little one's photo shoots have taken place at the Carleen Bright Arboretum, Cameron Park and even Hey Sugar. There's plenty of family activities thanks to our wonderful Parks Departments, Chamber of Commerces, Cities and more! 

We have great school districts, several private schools, and higher education choices. You can throw a rock and hit a church-ha! There's lots of religion down in this Bible Belt and the people here are good folks. 

Most importantly... Waco's a giving & caring community.

What's your favorite thing about Waco?

Be sure to check out my Things To Do in Waco page to see several of our go-to spots. If I missed your business on there, please let me know (email is best).

What do you #love about living in the Waco area? And what part of #wacotown do you live in?

What do you #love about living in the Waco area? And what part of #wacotown do you live in?

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